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May Funko POP! Mystery Box

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Handpicked assortment of sought-after, exclusive, and limited edition Funko Pop! figures from your favorite movies, games, tv shows, sports and more! With a chance to uncover rare chases, convention exclusives, and vaulted Pops, the excitement never ends.

Perfect for collectors, fans, or as a unique gift – order your Funko Pop! Mystery Box today and experience a unique unboxing experience!

Rules & Guidelines
  • 1 Pops per box with high chance at top Funko Pop pulls. 
  • Pops will ship with snug boxes and or individual boxes 
  • ✨Ordering multiple boxes increases chances of higher value pulls✨

Our Mission is to give people access to the most in demand collectibles at an affordable cost. This means that for every person who pulls a Grail, some others will pull bricks / commons. This is the nature of a mystery box - by purchasing you are confirming you understand and accept this risk.