Mystery Boxes


Welcome to Freddy's Box, 

The ultimate destination for Funko product Mystery Boxes!  

Here at Freddy's Box, there are NO re-occurring charges and NO subscriptions! Each mystery box is completely independent and has no underlying fees. 

With our mystery boxes, you control your destiny by picking your own box number on the website. Unlike other subscription sites, Freddy’s Box hard caps the number of boxes to give you the best chance of getting a coveted figurine. While none of these are exclusive to Freddy's Box, many of them are vaulted and can be extremely difficult to find! Even though every individual box ordered won’t include a ‘grail’, all boxes include an awesome Funko Vinyl figure!

At Freddy's Box, we provide a rating for each mystery box shipped out! There are five different valuation levels, which can be seen in the diagram below:

Every month, a minimum of 100 boxes contain uncommon or higher valued items! Freddy's Box is a great way to discover new figures and expand on your ever-growing Funko vinyl figure collection! Below you can find a link to this months available mystery boxes: