April Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box

From Star Wars to classic Disney, this box has it all! Each April Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box will include (1) Pop! Vinyl figurine. The number you choose corresponds with a preassigned figure that will be sent to you upon checkout! Unlike previous boxes, we will be shipping orders AS THEY ARE RECEIVED! This means no more having to wait until sellout to receive your box! With only 400 boxes available this Freddy's Box is sure to sell out quick! Some of this months top figures include: Flocked Wicket (Fugitive Toys), The Flash: Unmasked (SDCC), Chase Penelope Pitstop, Donald Duck, Thrillkiller Batman (Midtown Comics), Lando Calrissian, The Bride, Opie Winston, El Diablo (ECCC), Jessie, Ragnar Lothbrok, John Diggle (Fugitive Toys), Juggernaut (Walgreens), and many many others!


*Note: In accordance with Funko's request, we must disclaim that this box contains no figures exclusive to Freddy's Box. All figures have been purchased either from Funko or from other authorized retailers.*