Funko Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box (Stranger Things Edition)

Each Stranger Things mystery box is guaranteed to contain (1) Stranger Things Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. At Freddy's Box, we have five different mystery box 'levels' as seen in the diagram below:

Will you find your grail? We hard-cap the number of boxes available each month to provide you the highest odds of achieving "GRAIL" status.

Your box will contain one of the following figures:

  • SDCC Fundays Steve (LE1800)
  • SDCC Fundays Robin (LE1800)
  • SDCC Steve Harrington with Bat
  • The Duffer Brothers (2-Pack)
  • SDCC Dustin (Snowball Dance)
  • 8-Bit Will (Chase)
  • Baskin Robins Steve
  • Upside Down Will
  • Eleven Underwater
  • Dustin (Brown Jacket)
  • 8-Bit Eleven with Eggos

Given the format this product is a mystery format release, all sales are final

DISCLAIMER: While Freddy's Box Funko Pop! Mystery Boxes can contain store exclusives, chases, vaulted figures and/or convention exclusives; we must note none of these figures are exclusive to Freddy's Box. All images and product licensing rights belong with Funko, LLC.