Funko Pops: Taking Over Leading Franchises, A Head at a Time

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If you're a pop culture fan or collector, chances are you've heard of Funko Pops. These adorable vinyl figures have overtaken the world with their big heads, small bodies, and endless characters from popular franchises.

Funko Pops are designed to be cute and stylized with exaggerated heads and eyes. They typically stand around 3.75 inches tall and come in a windowed box, making them perfect for display. But how did Funko Pops become the sensation they are today?

Started as Bobbleheads

Funko, the company behind the Pops, started in 1998 as a bobblehead manufacturer. They gained a following with their Wacky Wobblers line, which featured characters like Betty Boop, Elvis Presley, and Bob's Big Boy. However, as the bobblehead market declined, Funko knew they needed to pivot.

Original Line: Funkos

In 2010, Funko released its first line of vinyl figures called Funkos. These figures were similar to bobbleheads but had a fixed head instead of a spring neck. The first Funkos were DC Comics characters Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and the Star Wars character Darth Vader. The response was positive, and Funko began to expand its offerings.

Fast forward to today, and Funko Pops are everywhere. They can be found in toy stores, comic book shops, and major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. They cover many franchises, from classic movies like The Godfather and The Princess Bride to current shows like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Knowing where to start collecting can be difficult with so many Pops available.

Most Popular Funko Pop Characters


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a goldmine for Funko, with dozens of characters available in Pop form. From the Avengers to the X-Men to Spider-Man, there's a Pop for every Marvel fan. Some of the most sought-after figures include Iron Man, Captain America, and Deadpool.

Star Wars

As mentioned, Star Wars was one of the first franchises to get the Funko treatment. Since then, Funko has released hundreds of Star Wars Pops, covering every movie in the saga and spin off shows like The Mandalorian. The most famous figures include Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Baby Yoda.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise has a massive following, and Funko has capitalized on that with a wide range of Pops. From Harry himself to Hermione, Ron, and the various Hogwarts professors, there's a figure for every character. Some of the most famous figures include Harry with the Invisibility Cloak, Dumbledore, and Hagrid.


Disney is another franchise that has a seemingly endless supply of Funko Pops. From classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to newer films like Frozen and Moana, there's something for every Disney fan. Some of the most famous figures include Stitch, Maleficent, and Jack Skellington.

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones TV show may be over, but fans can still collect their favorite characters in Pop form. With over 100 figures available, there's no shortage of options. Some of the most famous figures include Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and The Night King.


Funko Pops have become a cultural phenomenon, appealing to casual fans and hardcore collectors. With so many franchises and characters available, it's easy to get hooked on collecting these adorable figures. Whether you're a Marvel fan, a Star Wars fanatic, or just looking for a cute new decoration for your desk, there's a Funko Pop out there for you.

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