What is Freddy's Box?

Freddy’s Box is an independent Funko Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box service. With our mystery boxes, each box contains a unique Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. Unlike other subscription sites, Freddy’s Box hard caps the number of boxes to give you the best chance of getting a coveted figurine. While none of these figures are exclusive to Freddy's Box, many of them are vaulted and can be extremely difficult to find! Even though every box won’t include a ‘grail’, all boxes include an awesome Pop! Vinyl figure!


What is the motive behind Freddy Box?

As fellow collectors and Funko Pop! Vinyl figure enthusiasts, the team at Freddy’s Box wanted to provide a fun way for other Pop! Vinyl fanatics to obtain rare and valuable figures at an affordable price. Our goal here at Freddy’s Box is to make dreams a reality, one grail at a time.


For subscription plans, when do you charge payment?

Your initial purchase will be charge at the time of payment. Following the first month, Freddy's Box charges subscription plans on the first business day of every month, until the subscriber decides to cancel. Subscribers can cancel for free anytime by logging in and clicking the 'order history' section of our website.


Do I have to subscribe to order a Freddy's Box Mystery Box?

There is no obligation to subscribe when ordering a Funko Pop! Mystery Box on our website, however subscribes do save an additional 10% off their order! To purchase without subscribing, simply select the "One-time Purchase" option before adding your order to our cart!


Is there a limit to the number of boxes I can purchase?

There is no limit to the number of boxes you can individually purchase. In fact, we offer discounts on bulk orders to help you expand your personal collection!


How will I know what rare figures are available?

For sneak peaks on what figures will be included for the current month, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook


How long does it take for my item to ship?

This will vary depending on what type of product you have ordered. Please refer to the individual product for shipping times. You will also receive a confirmation email when your order has left our facility.


Have further questions? Feel free to email us at support@freddysbox.com with any questions you may have!