The History of Funko Pops (And Other Facts to Know About)

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Funko Pops have become a cultural phenomenon over the past decade, with millions of people collecting the small vinyl figures of their favorite pop culture characters. However, the history of Funko Pops dates back much further than their recent surge in popularity. Founded in 1998, Funko originally produced bobbleheads and other collectibles, before shifting their focus to the now ubiquitous Pops in 2010. Over the years, the company has released Pops based on everything from comic books and movies to television shows and video games, cementing their status as a beloved staple in pop culture collectibles.

What Are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are small vinyl figurines that are designed to resemble various pop culture characters. They typically stand around 3.75 inches tall and feature an oversized head and a stylized body. The figures are highly detailed and feature a wide range of characters from popular movies, TV shows, video games, and other pop culture franchises. Funko Pops have become a popular collectible item among fans of all ages, with many people displaying them on shelves or using them as decoration.

How Funko Started

Funko was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker in Snohomish, Washington. Originally, the company produced bobbleheads and other nostalgic collectibles, such as cereal mascots and advertising icons. However, the company struggled to keep up with changing trends and almost went bankrupt in 2005.

In 2010, Funko decided to take a chance on a new line of vinyl figures called Pop! Vinyls. The first Pop released was a Batman figurine, followed by other popular characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Darth Vader. The new line was an instant hit and soon became a cultural phenomenon.

What Funko Is Today

Today, Funko produces Pops based on a wide range of franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones, among others. The company also produces other types of collectibles, such as plush toys, keychains, and apparel, but the Pops remain their most popular product.

Why Funkos Are So Much Fun

Funkos have become so popular because they are affordable, cute, and easy to collect. They also allow fans to showcase their love for their favorite characters and franchises in a fun and creative way. With a seemingly endless range of options, there is a Pop for everyone, making them a great gift for fans of all ages. Additionally, Funkos has become a way for fans to connect and share their love for their favorite fandoms. Overall, Funkos are just plain fun to collect and display!

Rare Funkos

Some Funkos are considered rare and highly sought after by collectors. These include limited-edition releases, convention exclusives, and discontinued Pops. These rare Funkos can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the secondary market, making them valuable additions to a collection. The rarity and exclusivity of these Pops make them even more desirable to collectors. The Mickey Mouse #01 from the Disney collection is an example of a rare Funko that is difficult to come by.

The Future of Funko Pops

The future for Funko Pops looks bright as the company continues to expand its offerings and reach. Funko has announced plans to expand its product lines beyond vinyl figures to include plush toys, board games, and other collectibles. Additionally, the company has partnered with major brands like Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars to create even more Pop figures and merchandise. As the popularity of fandoms and geek culture continues to grow, Funko Pops will likely remain a popular and beloved collectible for years to come.


The history of Funko Pops is a fascinating tale of creativity, innovation, and perseverance. Since its inception in 1998, the company has undergone numerous transformations, from making bobbleheads to producing vinyl figures. Through its collaboration with popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics, Funko has become a household name among pop culture enthusiasts worldwide. The success of Funko Pops can be attributed to its ability to capture the essence of beloved characters in a simple yet captivating design. With its continued expansion into new markets and the introduction of new products, Funko is poised to remain a significant player in the collectibles industry for years to come. Overall, the history of Funko Pops is a testament to the power of imagination and the enduring appeal of pop culture icons.

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