The Beginner's Guide to Funko Pop Grading: Understanding Condition & Value

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Funko Pop collectors understand that the appeal of collecting these vinyl figures lies not just in their design or fandom but also in their long-term value. A crucial aspect of maximizing your collection's potential is understanding Funko Pop grading - the process of evaluating a Pop's condition and determining its value. In this beginner-friendly guide, we'll explore the essentials of Funko Pop grading and provide insights into industry standards, grading criteria, and how to make informed decisions as a collector. Let's dive in!

The Importance of Funko Pop Grading

Funko Pop grading plays a vital role in maintaining your collection's value, whether for personal satisfaction or potential resale. Here are a few reasons collectors should prioritize grading:

  1. Verifying authenticity: Grading helps confirm the authenticity of your Pops, ensuring that they are genuine and free from defects to preserve their value.
  1. Accurate valuation: Proper grading allows you to compare similar Pops with ease to understand current market value and strike the best deals when buying or selling.
  1. Collection management: Grading assists in organizing your collection based on rarity, condition, and desirability, enabling efficient tracking and management.

Key Grading Criteria for Funko Pops

Several factors contribute to the grading of a Funko Pop. Here are a few main criteria to consider:

  1. Box condition: The condition of the original packaging plays a significant role in a Pop's value. Examine the box for any signs of damage, such as creases, dents, or scratches.
  1. Paint job: A Pop's paint job should be crisp, clean, and free from defects. Inspect for any signs of paint smudges, discoloration, or uneven application.
  1. Figure condition: Check the vinyl figure for any blemishes, flaws, or defects. Ensure that fragile accessories are intact and there are no signs of warping or damage.
  1. Rarity: The rarity of a Funko Pop impacts its value. Pops with limited production runs, exclusives, or retired vaulted pieces tend to hold a higher value.
  1. Industry standards: Familiarize yourself with industry grading standards and classifications to make accurate comparisons and evaluations when assessing your Funko Pops.

Understanding Grading Scales and Conditions

There are various grading scales used within the Funko Pop community. The most common grading scale ranges from Mint to Poor, providing a benchmark for collectors to assess their Pops' value:

  1. Mint (MT): A Pop in mint condition is flawless with no visible defects or issues, including perfect paint and packaging.
  1. Near Mint (NM): Near mint Pops display only minor imperfections that do not significantly impact their value. They may have slight paint inconsistencies or minimal box wear but are generally in excellent condition.
  1. Fine (FN): Fine-condition Pops exhibit more moderate signs of wear, such as minor creasing, small dents, or slightly faded paint on the figure. These Pops typically retain value if the defects are minimal and do not detract from their overall appearance.
  1. Good (GD): Good condition Pops show considerable signs of wear and imperfections, like box damage or paint stains, and ultimately hold lower value.
  1. Poor (P): Poor condition Pops have severe defects, damage, or wear and are not desirable to most collectors. Their value is significantly lower compared to Pops in better conditions.

Tips for Grading Funko Pops

As you begin assessing your Funko Pop collection, keep these useful tips in mind:

  1. Familiarize yourself with industry standards by browsing reputable forums, websites, or attending conventions to gain insight into grading practices and guidelines from experienced collectors.
  1. Regularly inspect your Funko Pops for any signs of wear or damage, even if they are stored away in their boxes. Early detection can help prevent further deterioration.
  1. Seek advice from fellow collectors or consider getting your prized Pops graded by professional grading services for an unbiased and accurate evaluation.


Understanding Funko Pop grading and the factors affecting your collection's value is an essential skill for any collector. Familiarizing yourself with grading criteria, industry standards, and valuation techniques empowers you to make informed decisions when expanding your collection or considering sales. As you immerse yourself in the exciting world of Funko Pops, use grading as a tool to enhance your expertise, protect your investment, and continue to build a collection of cherished treasures.

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