Autographed Funko Pop! Box [Anime Edition] - COA Certification Included JSA / Beckett - Freddy's Box

Autographed Funko Pop! Box [Anime Edition] - COA Certification by JSA

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Rules & Guidelines
  • One (1) Signed Pop per box 
  • 100% computer randomized pull. No guaranteed PPG values. 
  • Every POP is JSA, PSA or Beckett COA Certified and will include respective card and unique hologram
  • Mix of quotes and non quotes and signature pen colors
  • Heavy Hitters in this box are the Kaguya, Sasuke Chase , Killua
  • Potential Hits: 
  • Naruto (GITD, Hokage, Hokage Chase, Sage Mode) - Signed by Maile Flanagan
  • Sasuke (Curse Mark, Rinnegan, Rinnegan Chase, Sasuke 72) - Signed by Yuri Lowenthal 
  • Sakura 183 - Signed Katie Higgins 
  • Kaguya Otsusuki Convention Exclusive - Signed by Cissy Jones
  • Etherious Natsu AAA Exc. - Signed by Todd Haberkorn
  • Zenitsu 869 - Signed by Aleks Le
  • Asuma HT Exclusive - Signed by Doug Erholtz
  • Killua 654 - Signed by Christina Valenzuela
  • Hisoka Diamond HT Exclusive -  Signed by Keith Silverstein
    Important Note

    Our Mission is to give people access to the most in demand collectibles at an affordable cost. This means that for every person who pulls a Grail, some others will pull bricks / commons. This is the nature of a mystery box - by purchasing you are confirming you understand and accept this risk.