Funko Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box (February Edition)

Funko Pop! Vinyl Mystery Box (February Edition)

Each Freddy's Box mystery box is guaranteed to contain (1) Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. At Freddy's Box, we have five different mystery box 'levels' as seen in the diagram below:

What level and figure you receive is a mystery and completely independent each month! Will you find your grail? To see some of this months top figures, click to view the second image in this listing. We hard-cap the number of boxes available each month to provide you the highest odds of achieving "GRAIL" status. Every month contains a new batch of exciting figures across all five box levels! Be sure to subscribe and get 10% off your monthly order!

Some of this months top figures include: GITD White Phoenix (OVER $500 MARKET VALUE), Bebop, Zur En Arrh Batman, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta, Ram Man, GITD Baxter Stockman, Thrillkiller Batman, Chase Bill Cipher, Chocolate Majin Buu, Holographic Qui Gon Jinn, Flying Man Bruce Lee, Gold Bruce Lee, Monica Geller, Witch Lucy Van Pelt, Pepe Le Pew and many many others!

DISCLAIMER: While Freddy's Box Funko Pop! Mystery Boxes can contain store exclusives, chases, vaulted figures and/or convention exclusives; we must note none of these figures are exclusive to Freddy's Box. All images and product licensing rights belong with Funko, LLC.