Everything That You Need to Know About Funko Pop Figures

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Funko Pop figures have become a cultural phenomenon in recent years. These vinyl figures come in various characters from popular movies, TV shows, comics, and video games. They are highly collectible and sought after by fans worldwide. Now, we understand if you want to learn more about Funk Pops. To help you out, we've put together a brief discussion on Funko Pop figures. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Funko Pop figures.

What's the History Behind Funko Pop Figures?

Funko was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker in Everett, Washington. The company initially produced bobbleheads and other types of figurines. In 2010, Funko released the first-ever Pop vinyl figure featuring the character of Batman. This release marked the beginning of the Pop craze. Since then, Funko has produced over 10,000 different Pop figures.

Why are Funko Pop Figures so Popular?

Funko Pop figures have become so popular due to several factors. Firstly, they are affordable, with most figures priced between $10-$15. This price point makes them accessible to a broad range of collectors. Secondly, they are highly detailed and accurate to the characters they represent. Fans appreciate the attention to detail, making them feel like they’re bringing their favorite characters home. Lastly, Funko releases new figures frequently, keeping collectors engaged and excited about their favorite franchises.

Types of Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures come in various categories, including:

  1. Movies: These figures feature characters from popular movies, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, and DC.
  1. TV Shows: These figures feature characters from popular TV shows, including Stranger Things, Friends, The Office, and Game of Thrones.
  1. Comics: These figures feature characters from popular comic books, including Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and The Avengers.
  1. Video Games: These figures feature characters from popular video games, including Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft, and Halo.
  1. Sports: These figures feature famous athletes from various sports, including basketball, football, and baseball.
  1. Music: These figures feature musicians and bands, including Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, and BTS.
  1. Icons: These figures feature famous individuals from various fields, including Stan Lee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Michael Jordan.

What Are Limited Edition Funko Pop Figures?

Funko releases limited edition figures, making them highly sought after by collectors. These figures are typically exclusive to certain stores or conventions, making them even more challenging to get. Some of the most sought-after limited edition figures include the Metallic Blue Batman, Glow-in-the-Dark White Ranger, and the Golden Freddy.

What's the Best Way to Display Your Funko Pop Collection?

Collectors often display their Funko Pop figures in various ways. Some collectors prefer to keep their figures in the box, while others prefer to take them out and display them on shelves. There are also various accessories available for collectors to display their figures, including protective cases, shelves, and display cases.

What's the Best Way to Collect Funko Pop Figures?

  1. Know What You’re Collecting: Determine which categories or franchises you want to collect and stick to them.
  1. Be Patient: Don’t rush to buy every figure as soon as it’s released. Wait for sales or discounts to add to your collection.
  1. Keep an Eye Out for Limited Edition Figures: These figures are highly coveted by collectors and can increase in value over time.
  1. Store Your Figures Correctly: To maintain their condition, store your figures in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and dust.


Funko Pop figures have become a cultural phenomenon due to their affordability, attention to detail, and frequent releases. Collectors can choose from various categories, including movies, TV shows, comics, video games, sports, music, and icons. With proper storage and care, Funko Pop figures can become a valuable addition to any collection.

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