What Makes These 4 Funko Pops Sets the Most Interesting?

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Funko POP sets comprise a collection of vinyl figures that belong to the same movie, TV show, or group. Despite being part of the same set, these characters are usually sold separately, allowing collectors to build their own sets.

Numerous Funko POP sets are available that cater to different interests and genres. Below are some of the most popular sets of all time, along with an in-depth breakdown of each set and why they're worth buying from your resident Funko Pop place.

The Funko Disney Collection

Unsurprisingly, Funko has created iconic vinyl figures to match a brand as massive as Disney.

Disney Funkos are among the most popular lines of POPs and offer a range of characters to suit every collector. Whether you're a fan of classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy or the newest Disney heroes, villains, and princesses, you can find Funkos that align with your interests. 

The Funko Ghostbusters Set

In 2014, Funko released the Ghostbusters set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, which was based on the first Ghostbusters movie.

The original Ghostbusters POP series included the film's three primary characters, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler, and supporting characters like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Since its initial release, the Funko Ghostbusters series has expanded to include variants such as glow-in-the-dark, slime-covered, and metallic Ghostbusters Funko POPs. In 2019, Funko released more variations of the same characters to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters.

The Harry Potter Set 

The Harry Potter franchise has captivated fans worldwide since the first book's release in 1998, with the films, books, games, and more becoming legendary components of pop culture.

Collecting emblems of favorite franchises is a favorite pastime of fans, but it is no surprise that Harry Potter Funkos are included in the list of the best Funko POP sets.

Funko first partnered with the Harry Potter franchise in 2015; over 100 Harry Potter Funko POPs have been released since then. The collection includes the main characters and detailed figurines of the Basilisk, Rita Skeeter, and Fawkes.

Interestingly, the rarest Harry Potter POP may not be what fans expect. While Harry, Ron, and Hermione Funko POPs with their wands, detailed Hogwarts uniforms, and unique traits are widely popular, the most sought-after item from Funko Pops places is Luna Lovegood.

The Marvel Collection

The Funko POP Marvel collection is one of the largest sets, with over 1,200 POP Vinyl Figures and counting. It boasts a massive character list, including multiple variations of fan-favorite Marvel heroes and villains, such as chrome, flocked, and glow-in-the-dark POPs. The collection continues to expand with every Marvel film release.

Funko started creating Marvel Funko POPs in 2011, beginning with the fan-favorite Asgard character, Thor. A Loki Funko POP, Thor's mischievous brother, was created shortly after.

The rarest Marvel Funko POP is the Stan Lee Platinum Metallic edition. Although Stan Lee is not a Marvel character, he is the original Marvel Comics founder, and the Marvel multiverse would not exist without him.

Only ten Stan Lee Platinum Metallic POP units exist, each featuring Stan Lee's signature. This has solidified the POP's status as the rarest Marvel POP, with collectors selling it for up to $103,000!


Collecting Funkos can become addictive, especially when collecting Funko POP sets.

With several character variations, recreating your favorite casts and movie moments is a fantastic way to build up your collection. And who knows, maybe your Funko POP sets will be valuable someday!

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